How to Get Started on Crypto Trading


Before you start trading on the various cryptocurrencies platforms, you will need a wallet. Wallets can be likened to the cryptocurrency bank accounts. It is also important to note that different types of wallets store various kinds of tokens. As we have stated earlier to trade you will need a wallet to store your token. Different types of cryptocurrencies have their wallets.

When it comes to crypto trading, it is important to note that there are different types of the online wallet. The online wallet is not only convenient when it comes to trading but is also secure. If you have a token in your online wallet, you can always trade with them at any time. Let us look at this page  which highlights the different types of the online wallet.

Desktop Wallet

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The token developers create this kind of wallet. As the name of the wallet suggests, this wallet is usually downloaded and installed in the desktop of the crypto user. If he needs to access the wallet at any given time, then he should be able to do it with much ease.

Mobile Wallets

The mobile wallets refer to the online wallets that can be downloaded from the app store and installed on the mobile phones or tablets. The advantage of these kinds of wallets is that the users can use them at any location since people usually carry their mobile phones around.

Online Wallets

All the cryptocurrency exchanges offer the online wallets. The online wallets facilitate the sending and the receipt of the tokens. We have some types of the online wallets that also permit the storage of token offline without much risk like the hacking.

Other risks that are associated with cryptocurrencies include the collapse of exchanges and phishing attempts. The online wallets have the security protocols which help in preventing such disasters from happening.

Paper Wallets

The paper wallets refer to the print out of the private and public keys of the crypto user. The QR code which is typically used to scan is usually printed as well.

The private key can be likened to a password as it is often a sequence of numbers and letters. You need to know the series of the letters and numbers to unlock the wallet so that you can access the tokens.

Hardware Wallets


Last but not least, we have the hardware wallets. The hardware wallets are the most secure when it comes to the storage of the tokens. The hardware wallets are usually in the cold storage since they are typically offline.

The hardware token does not support all the tokens in the market. You may need to research to establish the tokens that can be stored in the hardware wallet.


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