A Brief Story of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Smartphones

Smartphones are inseparable from our life. It has become integral with major aspects such as education, work, navigation, and media sharing. But don’t you know that smartphones are way more special than the other types of gadget because of its capacity to bear Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs?

You may know Siri, Alexa, and Cortana as the examples of AI. But their tasks are more subtle and fundamental than doing the voice search. Let us learn more about it here.

Assisting Photo Shoot

smartphone photographyPhones with operating systems used to employ only algorithms for taking a photo. The camera program is set to perform a series of tasks without the capacity to differentiating the contents of the image. As a result, getting a focused image in action photography was difficult, if not impossible, in the past.

Huwaei is arguably the first company that utilizes Artificial Intelligence into its camera for photography purpose. With the launch of Mate 10, the company marks it as the first generation of AI camera. The camera no longer acts like a hollow tool that has no understanding of the scenes and the objects. The AI even facilitates the Electronic Image Stabiliser feature. It reduces the chances for you to get blurry images when you shoot a moving object.

But Apple and Google are slowly catching up. iPhone X is known for its facial recognition ability and has applied the depth-recognition technology to bring bokeh-like effects into perfection. Google has utilized Lens to assist the user with gallery organization and image recognition. It allows android users to understand their photo objects better.

Maintaining the Power Use

battery managementAndroid has been reported to develop an AI software that can regulate battery use efficiently. It can extend the battery life up to thirty percents.

Apple has currently dismissed the necessity to develop an AI for battery efficiency. Besides, iPhones are way more efficient in running the apps compared to the Android. Apple system prevents creating junk files (caches), which can exponentially add to the power consumption over time.

Keeping Up with Your Habits

AI and Human technology integratioinAI tracks down your habits. If you ever wonder how your browsers manage to predict the suggested options for you, it is because your smartphone is integrated with an AI that can study your browsing habits.

There are features in iPhones that track where and when a photo is taken. Also, whenever you type a frequently appearing word, iPhone also predicts whether that word has a link with your emails, messages, or schedules. It is such a helpful feature, isn’t it?

However, if you are concerned with the privacy status, you must know that Android and Apple gain their credibility because they promise security to the users. Even is the AI reads your behaviors, the data will only stay on your phone.