Are We Close to Being Superhuman?


Since long time ago, people have flirted with the ideas of immortality and invincibility. Humanity has described such capacities belonged only to the Gods and other divine beings. But believe it or not, we are no very close to becoming what we have been imagining.

Technological breakthroughs have multiplied since more and more nations have dedicated themselves to science. As a result, people’s life expectancy and quality have also been improving. But today, we are all looking for innovations that can lead us to be more than just a human. Let us learn some of those inventions below.

Exoskeleton Suits

exo suit exampleModifying the organic body that we have already had is impractical and nearly impossible. But engineers have found a smart way to trick that limitation. They study how exoskeleton suits can enhance our strength and act as external support to our bones and muscles.

The idea of utilizing exoskeleton suit has been around for a while. The first development was in the 1960s, and it was funded by the military. Today, exoskeleton suits provide strength supports for labor workers. Ford’s assembly plant in Michigan has encouraged the use of the suit to help the workers to lift the car’s heavy parts.

Not only the suit improves the capability of the worker, but it also protects the user from injuries like a joint dislocation and torn muscles. In the future, exoskeleton suits are expected to be widely available for heavy labor professions, such as firefighters, construction workers, and factory officers.

Wound-Sealing Gel

stitching needlesWhenever we cut ourselves, stitches are the most frequently applied treatment for the slash wounds. But the method has been deemed ineffective when the injury occurs on vital organs, such as heart, liver, and brains. Stitching also cannot manage major bleeding efficiently.

Luckily, scientists have worked on the matter and been developing wound-sealing gel.

The start-up that focuses on the innovation has demonstrated that their invention can seal a severe bleeding wound only in seconds. The gel is named VetiGel, and the company who invented the substance claims that 20 seconds is the maximum time for the gel to close an open flesh wound.

CRISPR, the Genes-Editing Tool

crispr gene editing

Our DNA determines who we are. It serves as a blueprint of how our cells are going to grow, regenerate, and heal themselves. But some people are not as lucky as the healthy ones. They are born with defected genes, which make them suffer from diseases and deformities that no medicines can cure.

CRISPR is a gene editing tool that can facilitate us to edit the genetic codes in an embryo.

The tool alters the gene arrangement by eliminating potentially harmful genes. At its most ideal use, we can expect no one is born with down syndrome anymore in the future. Cancers are also possible to be detected and eliminated prematurely.

But the ability for the tool to make a certain type of human more preferable than the others raises the eugenics issue. It is feared that if the tool falls to the wrong hand, it can facilitate the deranged master-race fantasy that once was piously held by Hitler and the likes.

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