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technology collaboration in mega concert

When we attend a music concert, we take all the technological marvels for granted. Mega sound system, spectacular lighting and lasers, and some pyro-works are the things that can make a concert epic. Without them, the show will be just a so-so.

Now, wouldn’t it be interesting to discuss the technology behind those high-tech concerts?

Motion Graphic Technology

backdrop graphic designIn most concerts, we can see that a motion picture is displayed on the stage backdrop. It shows either the concert’s name or the performing band.

Sometimes, the backdrop motion graphic also mesmerizes the audience with a themed animation and visual effect.

What we see there is a combination of animation design and high-resolution projector technology.

Events as big as Download Music Festival, Glastonbury, and Fuji Rock all utilize the most advanced technology of motion graphic to herd the audience into the concert’s nuance. Usually, the animation on the screen will match with the performer’s music. It heightens the trance effects on anyone who witnesses it.

gorillaz on stage

Virtual bands, like Gorillaz and the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku, have brought the motion graphics in concert into another level.

Gorillaz’ performance in 2017 did not showcase the instrument players at all, but the animated versions of them.

Gorillaz has made their fame by the video Feel Good Inc., and the band seems to embrace their virtual status even more.

Hatsune Miku, on the other hand, is purely a human-made character. Vocaloid generates voice through sampling, and the anime character makes use of hologram technology in her live performance.

Mega Audio System

mega audio systemRock concerts mostly use a 50,000 volts sound system. It can cover an area as big as a baseball stadium. The focus of rock concert is to deliver balance level of high, mid, and low frequency to the audience. But for EDM music, the standards might be slightly different.

With the rise of Trap, Dubstep, and the other New Waves, bass frequency has become more exaggerated than ever. In such case, the concerts may require extra subwoofers, which also demands a higher voltage than regular concerts.

When arranging the sound system, audio engineering is vital to understand the proper setup for all the speakers. If misplaced, the desired attack of the sound will not be achieved. That bass punch on the heart will not be successfully delivered to the moshpit.

Pyrotechnic Works

What can be more fun than thundery sound, large and heavily decorated stage? Fireworks! Without it, there will be no thrill to the audience.

Among all performers, Rammstein from Germany always brings astonishing pyro-works to their live concert. Some MTV concerts also realize the same principle, but pyro-works are only best to go with rock and industrial music, not pop.…